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“Amar Hutt” is a trusted and innovative e-Commerce platform. We puts utmost focus on customers’ full of satisfaction as the backbone of our marketplace. With our innovative and cutting-edge systems, we provide incredible levels of confidence to the customers so that they can rely on us. Your support and blessings will pave the way for our small endeavor to bring the simple and joyous pleasure many of you grown up with as a child living the lushness green villages of this beautiful country. We are by your side with this faith and confidence and ready to serve you.

Momentum to start:

On the eve of the COVID-19, life has largely come to a standstill with no end in sight. Rhythm falls in normal activities, the common scene has been delitescent. People rush for the steady, fair and unadulterated halal products. In light of these circumstances, few of us who are deeply interested in the public and social welfare of the country have created a platform called “Amar Hutt” as part of our social responsibility. This small effort of ours is to keep you completely worry-free with the collection of your daily necessities.  

Our values: 

Innovation: We believe in change which drives us towards innovations every moment.  

Commitment: Customers, and Partners are our pride and core strengths. We are self- Committed to give them our level best. 

Integrity: We have full of trust and respect to our customers and others. We are not only for the business rather for mutual benefits. We are uncompromising to the highest/ standards, quality, and honesty in all aspects.  

Ownership: We believe in customers’ satisfaction, choices and preferences.  

Our pledge: 

We have come to change the idea that online shopping costs more. We want to give you the guarantee that you will get the pure, best price, fast delivery, 100% protected and biggest variety of products. We ease and speed shopping experience currently in the Dhaka city but we will reach everyone across the country soon.